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Anybody can use eCash all over India. Just download, verify your account, and you’re ready to use!

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Transferring eCash to another wallet is free, and will always be free. Fees only apply when liquidating

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Load your wallet with Foreign Currencies to make international payments and save on Int’l CC charges, DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) charges, etc.

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Payments made easy with QR Code. Your wallet address is unique and is secured with blockchain technology.


Wallets are initially launched in India, South Korea and Thailand, with more Asian countries to follow.

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Welcome to Vaisen We Support Small-Middle Entrepreneurs with IT Tech

When we started our business in India, we quickly realized that survival of new small & middle scale businesses would not be easy because the market is controlled by bigger, major companies trying to be the big fish in our little pond.

However, new IT Tech advances, like Blockchain, can make all the difference; if small & middle businesses team up with (smart & passionate) company-support IT Tech, they can write themselves a different future.

What we do, We do best.

Our best strategy for survival is with Support IT Tech Development.

Web Design

- Shopping Mall
- Php
- Wordpress
- Blog

Blockchain Development

- Whitepaper
- Consulting


- Blog Marketing
- Animation
- Content writing
- Campaign, CPC, CPA


- Registration
- Legal issue
- Starting in India

Our Approach Devise. Display. Deploy.




Shopping Mall



Why choose Vaisen? We Empathize. We Visualize. We Realize.

We're all Consumers, too.

Mr. Kim Dong Hyeok (Danny Kim) has a lot of experience as a start-up entrepreneur in the IT Environment. As such, he's seen as many 'downs' as 'ups,' if not more. Everybody at Vaisen is resolved to know exactly what each client needs, so we don't provide bad service, as many of us have received at one point in time or another. :)

We're all dreamers, too.

Dream on little dreamer; this is how it all begins. Vaisen started in South Korea 8 years ago, and we've seen a lot of changes, with technological breakthroughs coming Left, Right and Center. Successful marketing techniques became redundant, trends came and went. Yet, there's a very permanent feel with advances made in Blockchain, IoT & AI. We at Vaisen have decided to look ahead in time. We're resolved to invest in creating a blockchain-based infrastructure for small-middle scaled businesses.

We're all Producers, too.

India is a rapidly developing country and one of largest markets in all of the world. Vaisen is committed to supporting foreign businesses with India, and Indian businesses to other nations. Vaisen especially specializes in Indo-Korean exchanges.

Recent Case studies What we have done so far.

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  • Blockchain
  • Web Design
  • Info Service
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Danny Kim Founder & CEO
Han Ko Advisor
Saravana DoT
Achinta Das Developer
Gulshana Ezak Designer
Priyanka Business Trade
Athira Programmer
Saravanah.G Accounts

We are Achievers.

We believe blockchain tech will make a better world and we intend on being part of it.

Don't take our for it! Hear What Our Customers Say.

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